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Sideshow Collectibles: Fine Art

Catalog copy for Sideshow Collectibles

While all of the items created at Sideshow Collectibles are special, some of them deserve the distinction of fine art. Featuring museum quality prints and special runs, Sideshow’s fine art collection is an offering of pieces rich in both sophistication, diversity and collectibility. As with all of our items, we insist on only the highest echelons of quality and reproduction methods. They are produced using the finest techniques available and are sure to set new industry benchmarks.

The items in the Sideshow Collectibles Fine Art category have been made available, in most cases, through unique arrangements and are offered on an exclusive basis. Furthermore they are produced in limited editions to ensure their rarity and distinct nature. Many of which also include signatures of the creators themselves and certificates of authenticity. These are the items in our collection of par excellence.

The artists featured here are as peerless as the works they produce. From the works of Alan Lee, who is regarded as one of the world’s greatest Tolkien illustrators to Drew Struzan the quintessential illustrator in the motion picture industry. From Sebastian Krüger’s celebrity caricatures that command a following by the most notable of Hollywood notables, to actual motion picture production art including character sketches by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola himself. These are artists in a league of the their own.

Our goal is to impress even the most discriminating enthusiast while at the same time offer a collection of exciting and diverse works. Set apart from all others, this is our line of highest caliber handiworks. Each of these treasures is one-of-a-kind and embodies our prime devotion to giving you, the collector, the most superior of showpieces. We proudly present the Sideshow Collectibles Fine Art collection.

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