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Portfolio (PDF)

// STAPLES Center loading dock and tunnel wall wraps. I wanted to evoke a sense of history and "awe" while encouraging spontaneos photo-op moments for fans, athletes and performers.
// STAPLES Center merchandise stand wrap. After a successful launch of the backstage wall wraps, I was asked to extend the make-over to the entire concourse and stands.
// Loading dock and ramp to backstage wall wrap and more "iconic" moments.


// Legendary LA Kings announcer Bob Miller in front of loading dock wall wrap upon his return from surgery.
// LA Kings championship celebration section of the wall wrap on arena concourse and another photo-op spot for fans.
// LA Kings ice crew member posing in front of the backstage wall wrap. I love that people love the "concert wall".
// NETFLIX site image promoting "Bottersnikes and Gumbles" Season 2.
// NETFLIX site image for the photography documentary "Tales by Light".
// NETFLIX site image for the release of "Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency".


// NETFLIX site image for the Netflix Original release of "Longmire".
// NETFLIX site image promoting "El Marginal".
// NETFLIX site image for the animated series, "Kulipari: An Army of Frogs".
// Social Media image for Chris Paul of the LA Clippers.
// Social media image "thanking" Kobe Bryant after his final game with the LA Lakers
// MTV Video Musica Awards countdown image for social


// LA Kings NHL Playoffs image for social
// Cyber Monday sale social media and eblast design
// "Happy Birthday" image for Roger Daltry and promotion for "The Who" concert.


// "Happy Birthday" image for Lady Gaga
// Social image celebrating Kobe Bryant's highest scoring game
// Sweepstakes image for "Hatsune Miku" Expo and Concert


// Backdrop design for Taylor Swift press event during her "Red" tour. I tried keep it fun and feminine, while giving a nod to her country roots.
// Taylor Swift posing in front of the backdrop I designed for a special presentation and press event.
// Taylor Swift posing in front of the backdrop I designed for a special presentation and press event.


// Kobe Bryant presenting Taylor Swift with the "championship" banner design I created. The goal was make it "sporty" enough to compliment the team banners, while representing Taylor's youthful style. It upset some sports fans, but hater's gonna hate, hate, hate...
// Taylor Swift's instagram post after she was presented with the banner. What is life even, Taylor? What indeed?
// Taylor Swift being presented with a framed miniature version of the "Championship" banner to keep forever and ever (ever and ever).
// Created an AEG microsite with information about partnership between AEG Worldwide and City of Hope. I was especially proud to work on a project for City of Hope.
// Designed website for The GRAMMY Museum. Also served as GRAMMY Museum web manager.
// Skin redesign for Microsoft Theater after naming rights change. Modified scheme and style to reflect a style more in keeping with the Microsoft brand.
// Menu for special GRAMMY Awards Suite Tasting event.
// Key art and invitations for school fundraising gala. It was a "Hollywood" theme so I thought it would be fun to make the invitations look like Award Show envelopes.
// Los Angeles Sol Women's Professional Soccer team key art concept. As a fan of both men's and women's soccer, this was a real treat to work on. I also served as the Sol's webmaster and social media manager.


// Fitness book layout and design.
// Fundraising Gala souvenir book layout and design.
// Fitness book layout and design.


// Ad for trade magazines.
// Taylor Swift "Thank You" ad for trade magazines.
// ManĂ¡ "Thank You" ad for trade magazines.

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